European Conference on Thermophysical Properties

Graz, Austria, September 03 - 08

Final details concerning the performance of the ECTP 21st
September 03 - 08, 2017

4 day ticket for public transportation:
Upon registration at the conference website, you will get a 4 day ticket for public transport. It will be valid for 4 days after the first use. On your first travel you will have to validate this new ticket. Please note that parking space is very limited at the campus and therefore we encourage you to use public transportation.
Conference site: Petersgasse 16, 8010 Graz, Austria.
47°03'53.0"N 15°27'15.1"E
(47.064709, 15.454195)
When using the tram, get off at station "Neue Technik" with line Nr. 6 or at "Mandellstrasse" with line Nr. 3. Figure 1: conference site
Registration and Welcome Reception: Sunday, 3rd September, 17 – 21 h. Location: on the ground floor of the physics building, there will be signs to take you to the registration desk.
The conference office/registration is located on the ground floor and is to be accessed through the entrance to the Institute of Experimental Physics. The conference office is open on Sunday, September 3rd, from 17 - 19 h, Monday to Thursday (September 4 - 7) from 8 - 11 h. Please note that at registration only a cash payment is possible.
You will get at registration the usual conference giveaways such as a fabric bag, pen and paper block. Further you nametag, an USB stick including the Book of Abstracts, a paperback copy of the Book of Abstracts and advertising material. For all activities please have your nametag well visible with you!
Outside these hours, help by the conference team is available at the secretarial office of the institute opposite the conference office.
Time for oral contributions:
Plenary: 40 minutes + 5 minutes discussion.
Invited: 25 minutes + 5 minutes discussion.
Young scientist award: 20 minutes + 5 discussion.
Oral contribution: 15 minutes + 5 minutes discussion.
The time for oral contributions will be strictly limited to 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for discussion!
Please note that all speakers are responsible to use only such slides where they have the copyright. Also note that other attendees might take pictures of your presentation.
As we want to encourage discussion, we ask you to keep to the allotted time. In relation to the large number of parallel presentations, Session Chairs will strictly enforce timing.
Chairpersons are asked to be seated not later than 5 minutes before their session starts. We ask the chairpersons to ensure that all presentations start and finish punctually as scheduled. The conference staff will assist with timing.
Please upload your talk (PowerPoint presentation) from an USB-stick before the session to the computer in the lecture hall. All the lecture halls are equipped with a projector, computer and a pointer. Our staff will be there to assist you. In case you want to present with your own computer, especially with apple computers, please assure that you have all the appropriate connections with you. Our projectors have VGA and HDMI input. If you plan to present videos within you presentation, please assure that it will be "Windows Media Video" format (wmv - format - *.wmv file) and embedded within your PowerPoint presentation.
Format for oral contributions: All beamers support a resolution of 1280px x 800px. It's up to your preference if you use slides in 4:3 or 16:9 format but slides in format 4:3 won't use the entire available width.
The electrical power supply in Austria is 230 V, 50 Hz.
a: Power outlet Austria b: VGA in c: HDMI in
Figure 2 a,b,c
Poster sessions: Posters must be mounted at the beginning of the conference and taken off at the end of the conference. All the posters will be displayed within the three story atrium with a glass roof (a map for the location of posters will be provided). Attendees will be encouraged to look at the posters during two specific poster sessions, one on Monday and the other on Tuesday. Material to fix your poster like adhesive tape or pins will be provided by the organizers.
The poster format has to be A1 (594 mm wide x 841 mm height).
Lunch will be organized buffet style in the foyer of HS P2 and in the tent in front of the physics building. Please have your nametag with you.
Coffee will be served on the first floor in front of lecture hall HS P1.
Exhibition will be held every day on the ground floor of lecture hall HS P1.
Internet access: Wlan-based internet access is available in all areas of the physics building. User IDs and passwords will be provided.
Book of Abstracts: Upon registration you will get the Book of Abstracs on an USB – Stick, together with your nametag as well as a paperback hardcopy.
Citywalk and Castle Eggenberg: Wednesday afternoon guided city tours and guided tours to Castle Eggenberg are offered. Use the conference provided public transport card to reach the different locations. Please register for the different tours in the conference office.
Conference dinner Wednesday evening: Everyone is welcome at the conference dinner in the Grazer Congress Stephaniensaal (Sparkassenplatz 1, 8010 Graz) on Wednesday evening at 19:00. Upon entrance please show your nametag. The Lifetime Award presentation will take place during the dinner. Do not miss it!
Publication of your presented paper:
Following ECTP21st, authors of all papers are encouraged to submit their contribution for publication in special proceeding issues of the following mainstream journals:
International Journal of Thermophysics
High Temperatures - High Pressures
Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data

It is up to the authors, to choose to which journal they want to submit their contribution. However, in order to have coherent and consistent special issues, the Organizing Committee will advise the authors that some specific sessions ask authors to submit preferably to one or the other journal with respect to the upcoming program.
When sending your manuscript to a journal please mention that it has been presented at ECTP21st, as agreed with the respective journal editors. The manuscript will undergo the normal peer review and this process is quite separate from presenting your paper at ECTP21st. It is the author's responsibility to submit his or her manuscript directly to the journal and this can be done as soon as possible after the conference and no later than 15th October 2017 (except for High Temperatures - High Pressures, where the deadline is the 15th November 2017). When submitting your manuscript please ensure that:
The subject matter is within the scope of the respective journal and that the manuscript contains a sufficient amount of new (unpublished) results. Make sure to comply with the style of the journal to which you submit your manuscript. The guide for authors for the respective journals is obtainable from the following websites:

International Journal of Thermophysics
High Temperatures - High Pressures
Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data
Conference site & floor plans:
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